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Caring Divorce and Family Law Lawyers

The law does not require you to utilize an attorney for a divorce. If you proceed without an attorney, however, you do so at your own risk since this could have detrimental consequences, both in the short term and the long term.

One of the most important decisions you will make in your divorce is the person you retain as your lawyer. Divorce is a specialized area of the law. Therefore, it is best to retain a knowledgeable, honest, and experienced divorce attorney. Additionally, you will be discussing all areas of your life with your attorney, so you should feel comfortable with them.  Your marriage may not have worked out as you hoped, but there is no need to make matters worse by following this up with a bad divorce.

We provide effective representation on behalf of our clients so that the clients and their children can move forward with their lives. For more than 34 years, Attorney John Ullian has advocated on behalf of his clients to obtain the results they are entitled. He treats clients with the respect and professionalism he would expect from an attorney if he was the client.  Our law firm represents clients in contested domestic relations matters and can help with any of the following proceedings involving your children:

  • Divorce. We can represent you in your divorce and address contested legal issues such as division of assets, alimony, and any of the areas relating to your children such as custody, visitation or support.
  • Child-related issues. We represent clients to address contested child-related disputes such as custody, child support, visitation, child relocation and removal, and other child-related matters.
  • Divorce mediation. Attorney John Ullian is a trained divorce mediator who can assist you and your spouse through divorce and family law mediation. Such mediation can be a less costly alternative to the traditional divorce process and is a voluntary process. If you and your spouse agree to mediation, then Attorney Ullian can be hired as the divorce mediator. He will be fair and impartial as a divorce mediator in order to assist you and your spouse in trying to reach an agreement on the various divorce issues that must be addressed.

We wrote the book! See the Publications page on this website for information on Attorneys John Ullian and Amy Puliafico's reader-friendly introduction to divorce and child-related issues.

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